Pagination not working for process instance page
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Pagination not working for process instance page


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When we are trying to view the logs of a process by navigating to Home --> Organizer --> Initiated Processes or Home --> Administration --> Data Administration --> Process --> Initiated, facing an issue where unable not able to navigate to the immediate next or immediate previous page within the logs section. Able to navigate only to the first or end page of the logs, but even for the end page, the page number still shows as 1.


Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Login to Clarity with appropriate rights 
  2. Set up the Process Engine Persistence Log Level to Info
  3. Create a process and add an info logging
  4. Ensure the process generated multi page logging 
  5. Let the process completed and click on the Message Information icon 
  6. When viewing a multi-page message log from an initiated process, the next page button >| does not advance the page number after second page . This puts you stuck on page 2 of a multi-page listing

Expected Results: Clicking on the next page should advance the page number 

Actual Results: Page gets refreshes however doesn't advance to next steps



Release : 16.1.0




  • DE67292 is fixed in upcoming release i.e. 16.1.1 targeted for March 2023, also back ported to 16.1.0 patch 1