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UVC LDAP user empty list of Nodes and only Distribution Exchange is displayed


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Most sections of the different Menus in Univiewer Console are not displayed when login as a particular LDAP User, example below, only the section DEPLOYMENT - Distribution Exchange

It is unknown what exactly were the changes performed in the Login of this affected user.

On other cases, no sub-menu would be displayed at all and the list of Nodes would be empty:


Release : 6.x or 7.x

Component: UVC and UVMS

Functional Area: LDAP Login in UVMS - SECURITY - Logins


Unknown, most likely the mapping of the user to the group was removed involuntarily.


Connect to UVMS as an internal user member of the Administrators group (ie. admin) and Update the LDAP Login that has an issue:

Then unassign the wrong/s groups and finally assign it to the group with the correct permissions (ie. Administrators). 

Then login again with the impacted LDAP Login and the new permissions should now allow to see all the sub-menus and the list of Nodes.