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Components/Features migration to higher version of Angular


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


What features and components of RA application are getting migrated to higher version of Angular as part of 6.8


Release : 6.x < 6.8


The RA adoption to higher Angular version is massive amount of work and will be delivered in phases i.e. some 6.8 GA and others in upcoming cumulative patches of 6.8. 

List of Features/UI Pages will be delivered as part of 6.8 GA on Higher Angular version

  • "Rollback" page.
  • "Dashboard Content" page.
  • "Application Model" page.          
  • "Template Categories" page             
  • DatePicker component        
  • "System Settings" page.        
  • "Approvals" page.          
  • "Notification Management" page      
  • Rewrite components and services under the new Angular framework.
  • "Tag Management" page.        
  • "Environments and Tags" page.      
  • "Telemetry Management" page.