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Submitting jobs from RACF to ACF2 fails with ACF01007 password is required


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ACF2 - z/OS



 In RACF to ACF2, the ACVRFLG(ACVALD) is not being set , meaning that no ACF2 network job header section exists.

Changes to RACF to supply an NJE Header for ACF2
RACF exit that can be changed 



Release : 16.0


I have reviewed the situation with our chief product architect.
Basically the error message that you are seeing is correct.
Inheritance from RACF (or TSS) to ACF2 will only allow for the
submitter of the job to be inherited.
in this instance you specified a USER= on the jobcard.

//FRRC101  JOB      CLASS=N,MSGCLASS=A,MSGLEVEL=(1,1),               
//            USER=F1RR000            

The result of this is that a USER= and PASSWORD= is required - ACF01007.
In ACF2 to ACF2, the inheritance with just USER= is allowed.             

If you wanted the job to run under the submitter's logonid, that would be  OPCH        .

There is a way to get around this situation on the RACF side.
Before the job is submitted in OPC, if the acee in the task can be set as F1RR000
then the lgonid will be inherited in the ACF2 side.
So simple solution.. set tcbsenv to the required userid in the ACEE and then submit the
job without a user=.