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upgrade to r.12 agent on servers with the SAP agent deployed


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CA Workload Automation AE


I have a question about upgrading Wbe agents that have the SAP plugin already installed and conffigured.

We have some Linux servers with WAAE agent 11.4 installed, and plugin sap.pak 11.4 installed in the same agents.

Now we need to upgrade WAAE agent to R.12 version.
In this case, what do I need to do?

If we upgrade the agent from 11.4 to r12, will this automatically update the sap plugin too?


Also after upgrading the agent from 11.4 to r12, do we need to apply the new plugin sap.cfg?
In this case, will the information from sap will be kept?
Or do we need to reconfigure again?




Autosys Agent 12.X
System agent


With the R12 agents when you update the Agent we also update the SAM plugin at the same time.
As the SAP configurations are stored in the agentparm.txt there will be no need to reconfigure anything after the upgrade,