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Sequence of EEM config steps during PAM Upgrade


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The following are the standard steps to allow one to configure EEM during PAM installation


Release :  4.3.05 

CA Process Automation Upgrade


The following assumes you are upgrading PAM and have an existing EEM instance that was being used for an older PAM instance.

On the first screen (Figure 1) make sure you have entered the name of the EEM Server, the EEM Application Name should read as "Process Automation".  After entering in all pertinent information, for EEM certificate File, EEM Cert Password, and Authentication, check on "Register Application with CA EEM", then click "Register)

Figure 1:


You will then be prompted for credentials.  See Figure 2.  Enter the EiamAdmin userid/password.

Figure 2:

You will then be prompted to verify that your application exists (which it should since this is an existing upgrade and assumes you are re-using EEM).  Choose "Yes" and you will then be told "Upgrade not Required".  See Figure 3 for the relevant prompts to be expected.

Figure 3

You will then return to the PAM Install interview screen for EEM.  Click on "Test EEM Settings" (See Figure 4)

Figure 4:

You will be advised about the time to test EEM with incorrect settings (press OK), then be prompted to verify EEM settings (enter PAM "pamadmin" credentials)  Assuming a good test, you will then be told on "Verify EEM settings" that the settings check out, and you can continue the install process.  See Figure 5.

Figure 5: