Abends May Occur With EARL Programs When Using Rocket's Performance Essentials Product
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Abends May Occur With EARL Programs When Using Rocket's Performance Essentials Product


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Earl CA 1 Flexible Storage TLMS Tape Management Scheduler Job Management Scheduler Smart Console


Unexpected Abends occur in Earl programs. The ABEND dump displays
JHN modules such as, JHNCXMPS, JHNFM3PS, and JHNSRQSW.

Potential abends that can be experienced but not limited to these:

U3000 abends

S013 abend

S0C4 abends


z/OS any release

Earl 6.1

CA 1 Tape Management any release

CA TLMS Tape Management any release


Standard I/O processing is being intercepted by Rocket Software's Performance Essential product.
This product is used to optimize i/o processes. However, the interception may not return back to
the Earl program in the correct AMODE causing an ABEND later to occur in EARL.

When the abend dump has JHN modules, (such as, JHNCXMPS, JHNFM3PS, or JHNSRQSW) displayed as being loaded, then Rocket Performance Essentials is being utilized.


It appears that after Rocket Software/Performance Essentials passes control back to Earl it is in AMODE31 instead of AMODE24. Earl is executing in AMODE24. The program should come back the same way it left. Earl is abending with a S0C4 due to this situation. (U3000 abend is a catch all)

The customer noted that in z/OS 2.4 everything was working properly. This changed in z/OS 2.5. Potentially a Rocket Software/Performance Essentials PTF is available for compatibility. We have not discovered this.

The customer should open an issue with Rocket Software/Performance Essentials and determine if they already have a fix for this. Or, at least they can fix the problem if they are not aware. 

We realize the DD statement (//PSPOFF DD DUMMY )  is a circumvention. This does resolve the situation short term.

However, we do not recommend this as a permanent resolution. Rocket Software should strive to resolve their issue.

//PSPOFF DD DUMMY              ---> eliminate Rocket from this step