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How can I Automate testing of agents communication and recieved email notifications when there is a problem


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We have over 1200+ agents in our environment.
We would like to automate testing the agent's communication so that when there is an issue we get a notification.
We know we can run the AutoPing command such as :
autoping -m <machine> -A

But we do not want to setup 1200+ jobs
how can we accomplish this?


Autosys 11.x 12.x


There are several methods to achieve this requirement.
Depending on the client's need one option might be better than another.

Option 1:
Set up a job to run the following command
autoping -m  ALL  -A

This will do an automated ping of all agents configured in the Autosys Database
The list of these can be confirmed with

autorep -q -M ALL

Option 2:
If you want to see an email with a list of missing/offline machines:
Have a CMD job run autorep -M every minute, and grep any Missing/Offline rows output to std_out. If > 0 rows FA the job and have set send_notification and email_template(STDOUT) accordingly.

NOTE: A flaky network or high-load agents could result in a lot of noise so maybe increase to a 5-minute or higher run interval

Option 3:
If they want to see it in WCC:
WCC Alerts can be configured to watch for MACHINE_UNAVAILABLE alarms and display them on their GUI widget.

Option 4:
Have a custom script monitor ujo_machine.mach_status via direct SQL, send an email periodically with any M/O machines.
This is pretty good because it doesn't involve expensive autoping/autorep -M ALL calls for 1200 agents.

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