Question regarding CA 7 HIPER PTF LU07751
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Question regarding CA 7 HIPER PTF LU07751


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Received notification of this CA 7 HIPER PTF LU07751.

Have some questions regarding this: 

  1. Has this problem always been there and it's only been recently discovered?
  2. Was it introduced by recent maintenance?
  3. Does the fix require a restart of CA 7 to be implemented?



Release : 12.1


Answer to the questions about CA 7 HIPER PTF LU07751: 

  1. This has been recently discovered by the CA 7 Development Team (around October 2022).
  2. Not introduced by recent maintenance.
  3. It is absolutely necessary to recycle the CA 7 started task  after applying this HYPER fix (LU07751). CA 7 will need to be recycled due to the update to the CAL2LOAD library