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How to convert the BLKCNT value of a TMSGRW report to a MB or GB value.


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CA 1 Tape Management


Is there a formula to convert the BLKCNT values generated by a TMSGRW report to MB or GB scaled values? I need to generate a report for the total GB of tape storage used for tape backups (such as DFHSM and FDR). 



Release : 14.0


The TMSGRW utility does not allow for mathematical calculations of values, but the EARL reporting feature of CA1 can be used to create reports of tape usage, and which allow mathematical operations on the numeric data values (such as conversions to MB or GB).  More info on the EARL reporting feature of CA1 can be found here.  (the sample report TMETPUSE found in the CA1 **.CTAPJCL data set can be used as a starting point in creating a report).

Additionally, the following CA1 doc info can be used to help in creating EARL code to filter on data set names (such as for DFHSM, FDR, etc.) to either include or exclude certain data sets from further processing:

CTSEPM Advanced Pattern Masking Subroutine:  here.

CA 1 Pattern Masking Feature: here.

Example 8 - CTETEVLT: here.