You want to create an incremental EMDI index with the Remote Indexer
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You want to create an incremental EMDI index with the Remote Indexer


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You are following instructions for creating an EMDI incremental index, but want to know how to do this with the Remote Indexer

Creating an incremental index for EMDI (


DLP 15.7+


The Remote Indexer does not support creation of Incremental indexes.


The only way to have an Incremental Index for EMDI is to create it directly with the Enforce Server UI.

Additional Information

As per Engineering investigation:

We ran two tests. It shows that for it doesn't support incremental index file for the Remote Indexer.

1. Test EMDI remote indexer with the source file and updated source file.
This always creates two rdx files and one pdx file.

E.g., ExternalEmdiDataSource.testprofile_8.226.rdx and ExternalEmdiDataSource.testprofile_8.227.rdx, ExternalEmdiDataSource.testprofile_8.pdx.

There is no inc file (incremental index) for this scenario.

2. Test reindex EDMI source file and updated source file from Enforce Server UI. When you first do the index or reindex the source file, it will automatically create one rdx file and one inc file.

E.g., EmdiDataSource.1.22.1.rdx and