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Response Time metric is not reported when IIS web server is being monitored the infrastructure agent.


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


The infrastructure agent is installed with web server extension enabled. The APMIA agent is monitoring IIS Web Server. We do not see Response Time metric being reported by APMIA agent. Other metrics are being reported good.

The below documentation mentions that this metric should be reported when Web Server is being monitored.

Web Server Monitoring Metrics (

From the document, it is not clear how this metric is being reported.


Release : 21.3


According to the current design, Response Time metric is not available for IIS Web Server.

For IIS the list of stats available from server are listed under http://localhost/IISPerfStats/ (check this URL while on the IIS Web Server machine). Only from this list metrics are reported by the agent.