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Disk jobs abending with S878-10 errors after z/OS 2.4 upgrade or RUCSA enablement on z/OS 2.3


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


After upgrade to z/OS 2.4 from z/OS 2.2, Disk jobs are abending with S878-10 abends .   After increasing the REGION sizes to 0M the jobs still abend with S878-10.



Release : 14.0


The issue was caused by the enablement of the RUCSA after the z/OS 2.4 upgrade.   10M was specified for below the line storage.   RUCSA enablement takes up 3M of it.  IBM mentioned specifying 0M would only be allowing 6M for storage.   

As a work around  splitting the jobs apart and not backing up so many volumes at once would help.