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Can't connect to Provisioning Server using VB Script that binds to Provisioning Server after 14.4


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CA Identity Suite


Client have a VB script ADO Project to validate a few objects, configurations binding the provisioning server service via MS VBscript.

The VB script is sending "oCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 100" and was working fine from 14.1 until 14.3 of Provisioning Server

However, when migrated to 14.4 becomes to have the script failing  

oRSLDAP.EOF: -2147016660 The server does not support the requested critical extension.



Release : 14.4


IMPS never supported pagination. In the earlier versions it did not throw error if the client script contains pagination control. 


From 14.4, it throws an error
If comments the line "oCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 100" this will not send pagination in the VbScript code and will work as in previous versions of Provisioning Server.