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DX UIM environment in public cloud with Azure SQL database


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Per Release notes for UIM 20.4 CU5 What's New in DX UIM 20.4 CU5 ( UIM added support for Azure database as a UIM backend database. It then says to see this link for more information: Azure PaaS Managed SQL (

UIM 20.4 does not support this database when installing. 20.4CU5 is not a full installer so how do we use Azure DB as our UIM backend database?


Support for Azure Managed Database
The current release supports Azure Cloud PaaS Managed SQL instance and Azure SQL Database as DX UIM database.
For more information, see Azure PaaS Managed SQL.
Azure PaaS Managed SQL
Last Updated November 1, 2022
 20.4 CU5 onwards, you can use the Azure PaaS Managed SQL Instance or Azure SQL Database as the 
 database. data_engine allows you to maintain online indexing and perform data partitioning of the metrics tables. Please review and configure the Network peering and Gateway types that provide the best network performance. As a best practice while creating an Azure Managed SQL Instance, if feasible, use Redirect as the connection type to reduce the latency and improve throughput while connecting to SQL Managed instances.
The UIM infrastructure can be on Azure cloud or on-premise. In either case, please ensure minimal network latency between the infrastructure and Azure SQL instance for better performance. If infrastructure components are hosted on Azure cloud, you may select the options that provide higher performance like:
  • Premium Network Route
  • Premium SSD Storage for better IOPS
 is verified with Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) 12.0.2000.8 release.


Release : 20.4CU5 and greater


Added feature to CU5


Pending Request for Information from development on how to install/upgrade DB to use Azure db.