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What is the User Console branding (ca12 or ui7) should be used in URL for Forgotten Password In Credential Provider configuration?


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CA Identity Suite


Identity Manager version: 14.3

We are upgrading IDM to v14.4.

In Credential Provider configuration dialog under Windows ("C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\Credential Provider\CAIMCredProvConfig.exe"), for the first URL (Link1 URL) we currently use the following:

In this Forgotten Password URL, ca12 is used as the User Console branding. While we use ui7 as the default console for all other URLs.

It works fine using ca12 as the user console in Forgotten Password for password reset.

However, we would like to know if we need to change the user console from ca12 to ui7 for the Forgotten Password URL in Credential Provider when upgrading IDM to 14.4 like the following.



You can specify either ca12 or ui7 when setting the configuration. Both will work fine. Ca12 is the original console look and feel and ui7 is the later default look and feel.