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Infoblox device showing different values of memory in Spectrum and Performance management


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DX NetOps


The Spectrum OneClick Performance GUI is showing wrong memory usage for Infoblox  device while it is properly showed in Performance Management 


Memory utilization in Spectrum


Memory utilization in  CAPM




Release : 21.2


The infoblox device with with System Object ID = was not yet certified in Spectrum and It is using the UCDavisSNMPApp as source for memory calculation.


The problem is that the device with System Object ID = is not yet certified out of the box in Spectrum and it is modeled as GnSNMPDev (generic SNMP device). In this case as you can see to calculate the CPU and Memory utilization (Thresholds panel) for it Spectrum use the RFC-2790 (RFC2790) and the UCDavisSNMPApp (UCD-SNMP-MIB) source.

A similar device with System Object ID = appears certified in Spectrum modeled like this:


with the following Attribute Redirection source fields: 

 Go through a Device Self certification, so that Spectrum will use the Attribute Redirection for that device.

1) launch the Device Certification and search for the

2) edit it and change the Model Type Name = infobloxDev etc... as follow: 

3) save it.

4) delete the device and rediscover it.

Now, the device should be modeled as InfobloxDev model type and no longer as GnSNMPDev and the Thresholds should use the Attribute Redirection.

The Memory usage should be more realistic now.