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SSH public key authentication failed: Callback returned error


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Sftp fails to login using public key authenticiation in Dollar Universe although it works fine through command line.

Uproc log:

* SSH authentication methods available: publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password,keyboard-interactive
* Using ssh public key file /pwrcard/home/.ssh/
* Using ssh private key file /pwrcard/home/.ssh/id_rsa
* SSH public key authentication failed: Callback returned error
* Authentication failure
* Closing connection #0
* Login denied
Resume FTP transfer...
FTP transfer of [/pwrcard/habort (error 1)
ome/usr/data/NTFYHPR.TXT] failed.
Error detail: Login denied
Analyse CURLcode=67 ...
Return UXcode=30
1 file(s) out of 1 could not be uploaded. Return last status (30).
Connection closed
Unknwon error (code: 30)

With the "Main Log Level" set to 0,DEBUGSSH,NEWFILETRANSFER we can see more details in the Uproc log related to libssh2:

[libssh2] 0.895894 Transport: Looking for packet of type: 33
[libssh2] 0.895921 Failure Event: -37 - Unable to exchange encryption keys
[libssh2] 0.899021 Socket: Recved 848/16384 bytes to 26fb8c+0


Release : 6.10.91 and inferior

Component: Automic Dollar Universe 


Old versions of libssh2 are used in Dollar Universe 6.10.91 and inferior


Upgrade DUAS to version 6.10.101 or 7.x where libssh2 was updated to version 1.9 or superior


Additional Information

Version 1.9 libssh2 adds ECDSA keys and host key support when using OpenSSL.