NM database compatibility between release and servicepacks
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NM database compatibility between release and servicepacks


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With the migration to a local NM SQLite database in AP 11.7 SP1 from a MS SQL server database in previous releases, here information on compatibility between the 2 databases. 

  • Can an exported local NM SQLite database from 11.7.1 be imported into an AP server running 11.7.0 or 11.6.1 and using either a local or remote SQL database?
  • Can an exported SQL database from 11.7.0 or 11.6.1 be imported into a local NM Lite database on a server running 11.7.1.
  • Are there additional steps to take after importing data in the previous 2 scenarios
  • Can an AP server running 11.7.0 or 11.6.1 be connected to a remote NM Lite database on a running 11.7.1 server



Release : 11.7


For the NM Database compatibility between the releases and images.
Performing the export and import via the AP Configuration Manager everything is compatible.
Actually the 'conversion' during the upgrade to SP1 is a backup/export from the MS SQL database to the new SQLite NM DB via the restore/import function.

Backwards it also is compatible..
And the batch procedures created also works, if created and used...

There is no connection possible between remote databases when having AP r11.7 SP1.. 
If still older versions of AP are running, from before SP1, they will connect to the MS SQL database.. This can be done remotely..
But at SP1 there isnt a MS SQL database anymore, at least not a current one...
If upgrading the older version, from before the upgrade will be there, but that's not updated and accessed anymore when using SP1..

To keep NM databases in sync it's needed to export/backup the SQLite NM database and copy it to the other machine, or on a shared disk backup and then import/restore it at another AP image..


Additional Information

AP r11.7 SP1 only can connect to his OWN LOCAL NM SQLite database... 
The option for remote NM databases is not possible anymore at SP1.
The disadvantage is indeed the synchronization of the NM databases on the different servers.. 
The advantage is that there is no MS SQL server license needed anymore.. One or multiple...