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Getting Could Not Update Value on views


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We deactivated some custom fields which were no longer being used and are now getting the Could Not Update Value on all of the views. We can delete the view and resave it and the error goes away. But there are many views in the different objects. Need a way to correct this without having to touch each view.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create number attribute on investment object.
2. Create calculated attribute using the number attribute from step 1.
3. API enable both attributes.
4. Put calculated attribute on either idea or project view and save.
5. Deactivate attribute in the step 1.
6. Observe error "Could Not Update Value"
7. Same error is observed if attribute created on the investment object is not even part of the calculated field but let's say string and was on the view but that attribute was inactivated.

Expected Results: it should automatically remove that attribute from the view and not throw an error.

Actual Results: it is throwing an error.


Release : 16.0.3


DE67263, Under review by Engineering team.