ACF2 EZD1287I TTLS Error RC: 202
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ACF2 EZD1287I TTLS Error RC: 202


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ACF2 - z/OS


Error in Secure TN3270 log:

EZD1287I TTLS Error RC:  202 Environment Master Init  092

   092               LOCAL: **N/A**

    092               REMOTE: **N/A**

    092               JOBNAME: **N/A** RULE: **N/A**

    092               USERID: TN3270 GRPID: 00000004 ENVID: 0000001F CONNID: 00000000



Release : 16.0



The TLS connection is failing due to invalid keyring name.

The keyring name convention is the name of the owner/keyring name and if no owner name is specified, then by default it picks up logonid of the job. 

The AT-TLS pagent policy needs to be changed to point to the correct keyring name with owner/keyring name format followed by the policy refresh.