Live Update Administrator (LUA) Configuration
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Live Update Administrator (LUA) Configuration


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The information contained in this article will help you to configure your LUA (Live Update Administrator) server. This is done AFTER the LUA has been installed.


LUA Server


Once the installation is complete, and you can login to the LUA console, you can proceed with the configuration below...

  • There are primarily 3 things that you need to have setup in the LUA in order for it to function properly, most of the configuration will fall under the "Distribution Center Coverage" but you must make sure that all 3 products are showing green checkmarks.
  • This can be seen in the lower right corner of the Home page for the LUA, until they are setup these will show red X's instead of checkmarks like they do here.


Step1: Configure your Product List

  • LUA Console > Configure > My Symantec Products
  • Select the DLP Agent
  • Scroll to the bottom, to select the versions


Step2: Setup the Source Servers

  • LUA Console > Configure > Source Servers
  • This should actually be setup by default, so you should not need to make any changes here.
  • However, this is where you specify where the LUA server will pull downloads from.
  • Default URL:
  • This will download the updates to the "Downloads" directory specified during the installation.
    • C:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\Downloads


Step3: Setup the Distribution Centers

  • LUA Console > Configure > Distribution Centers
  • Again by default these should be setup with the standard "clu-prod" and "clu-test" distribution centers.
  • However, you will still need to open up each of the distribution centers and add in the product list for each distribution center.
  • **note that a Distribution Center in this case simply refers to a local directory on the LUA Server.
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\clu-prod
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\clu-test
  • Login Credentials for Distribution Access to Location
    • User: lua
    • Pass: l!veUpd@te33 


Step4: Setup the Download and Distribution Schedules

  • LUA Console > Download & Distribute
  • Click on the "Add Download" button to add a schedule for Downloads.
    • Fill in the information
    • Add the Product List for this schedule
    • Set the schedule for how often the LUA should check with Symantec for Updates
  • Click on the "Add Distribution" button to add a schedule to distribute the product downloads to the distribution centers
    • ** note that this "distribution" simply refers to the copying of files from the "Downloads" directory, into the "Distribution Centers" you have configured. This is a local copy between directories, this does not actually push the update out to the agents.
    • Fill in the information
    • Add the Product List for this schedule
    • Set the schedule for how often the LUA should copy the files from your "Downloads" directory to your "Distribution Centers" directories.
    • Once completed, you can now select the schedule and click on the "Run Now" button to instantly trigger that job (don't do it yet, we're not finished with the configuration just yet).


Step5: Enable LiveUpdates in the Agent Configuration

  • Enforce Console > System > Agents > Agent Configuration > Settings
  • Check the box to "Enable LiveUpdate"
  • Enter the IP or Hostname of the LUA Server
  • Enter the Root Directory (the default root directories that are configured are "clu-prod" and "clu-test", if you are using a custom directory for your distribution center you will need to specify that here).
  • Change the Protocol to "HTTP" and the port to "7070" which is the default port for the LUA
  • Set the Agent Update check for how frequently you want your agents to check with the LUA server for any updates.


Step6: (optional) Adjust the "" setting to determine how soon the Agent will check-in

  • Enforce Console > System > Agents > Agent Configuration > Advanced Settings

    • This is the time it takes before your Agent will attempt to check-in with the LUA Server for updates.
    • For a lab environment you may want to set this value to 1 minute. This would not be recommended for Production.

    • This is how long it will wait between retry attempts
  • LiveUpdate.RingChannel.str - this is for future functionality and is not currently used.


That's it, your DLP Agents should now get automatic updates for all public hotfixes.