Live Update Administrator Installation
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Live Update Administrator Installation


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Instructions for installing the LUA (Live Update Administrator)


LUA Server
- This is its own stand alone server


Downloads and Documentation: Download LiveUpdate Administrator (

Release Notes and New Fixes: LiveUpdate Administrator release notes and new fixes (


Installer: LUAESD_EN.exe

  • The installation is actually very simple and probably does not need any additional documentation, simply follow the instructions on screen.
  • For those that want the installation instructions anyways, you can find them below...


Run the Installer: "LUAESD_EN.exe"

- You can change the installation path here or the downloads directory (where the files are stored once downloaded from Symantec).

- This is the user account information that will be used to login to the LUA Console. (Password: 8 characters in length, letters, numbers, special character). The email address entered here is used to reset your password if needed, I recommend providing a valid email.

  • At this point the installation has completed, you can now login to the LUA Console.
  • LUA Console URL: https://<LUA hostname or IP>:7073/lua/logon.html Looks like this changed to .htm with build 1619790681272, if you use HTML it will give you : The page you tried to access does not exist."
  • Documentation now states https://IP_address_of_LUA_computer:7073/lua
  • Enter the credentials you specified during the installation process.