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ixp login history for user AutoSys for certain period of of time


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CA Workload Automation iXP


We have CA Workload Automation iXP 11.4. We are trying to find the login history for the sysops user in AutoSys for the period of January 1, 2022  to June 30, 2022

I have checked in iXP Admin GUI:

- It doesn't give options to select any Date/Time Range. Can you please help how we can retrieve this information?

- It have all the jobs history. We need only login history


Release : 11.4


At this time from the UI itself you can filter based on the day/history.

And you can filter based on an id but when you do so it displays all their actions, not just the logins.

You can export/save those results to a csv and then grep/parse out what you need.

Or grep <ixphome>/dat/audit/* files for the specific user name, dates, audit actions you are looking for, if you have direct ixp server access.

If you are wanting the UI to offer more filtering options then you can open an enhancement request on the communities web site.