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Autosys Installtion fails on second attempt


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CA Workload Automation AE


Hello Team,

we are in the middle of Autosys R12 installation.

When we try to install Autosys it says Unable to connect to the CA EEM server.

(Autosys & EEM would be on the same server)



Autosys  12.X


Multiple installation attempts without cleaning up the database.


below is a recap of what we saw and did.
1) You did a clean install of Autosys using a back-end oracle 10c environment
2) this worked fine.
3) you then uninstalled the software to try to do the installation again.
4) you did NOT drop the database and objects in the database before trying to do the install again.
5) the second installation failed because of this.
6) this process is not supported
7) After the uninstallation of the software the database and objects should have been dropped before starting the installation again.
8) the information already in the database from the first installation caused the problem you are having.

next steps:
1) uninstall and clean up the file system
2) work with your DBA to drop the schemas and object in the database.
3) run the installer again and let it create the database objects and schema

Additional Information

Information on dropping oracle Objects