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OneClick slowly loads the interfaces tab upon initial view


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CA Spectrum


We noticed that after installing Spectrum 21.2.10 the interface tab is very slow for Juniper devices that use Chassis.  We still have an older version of Spectrum that is available in our environment and when using the Spectrum 10.1 version we do not see any delay.

Why is there delay in the newer 21.2.10 (up to several minutes to initially display the interfaces) when the older 10.1 with everything else being the same did not have this delay?








Release : 21.2.x

Component: Spectrum OneClick


In the newer version of Spectrum the interface tab was being displayed incorrectly and needed extra time to parse the interfaces for Juniper


Patch Spectrum_21.02.10.PTF_21.2.1014 has been created to resolve the incorrect display of the Juniper interfaces and also resolves the interface slowness issue.

Besides installing the patch, there is another requirement to add the sync_all_ext_interface_attrs=FALSE attribute to $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file

Additional Information

This will be fixed out of the box in upcoming Spectrum 22.2.5.