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WLAN access points are not correctly connected when a pingable model already exists


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CA Spectrum


We currently use pingable models as the Access Points that are connected manually with our WLAN devices.  This has been done before the inclusion of WLC Manager in Spectrum.

However, we notice that when using WLC Manager and discovering the Access Points the connections are not being made to the new Access Points, even though the Access Points have the correct LLDP, CDP and SAT table entries.


Release : 22.2.1  

Component:  Spectrum Discovery


By default, if WLC Manager Discovery sees a valid connection, the WLC Manager discovery will not replace the connection.


Patch 22.02.01.D103 allows Spectrum to make the connection even if the connection is already established to a pingable model.  Spectrum will use CDP, LLDP and SAT tables in order to verify that the connection to the Access Point is correct.

The remaining pingable models will not be removed and must be removed manually.

Additional Information

This feature will be available out of box in Spectrum 22.2.5.  (DE545811)