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Device status Inactive on Management Center


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Management Center Management Center - VA


An existing device(s) or a new device(s) have device status as 'Inactive'. You have confirmed that 'Unavailable (pre-deployment)' was not selected at the time of deployment & the device was not manually deactivated. Deleting & adding the device has the same result. The GUI does not specify the reason for 'Inactive Status' & test connection to the appliance is successful. Packet captures further show successful communication with the device.


There exists another device with the same appliance ID on the Management Center.


Remove the existing device entry with the same appliance ID.

Additional Information

In the diagnostics device logs, we see the below error:

Internal Exception: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "device_serial_number_key"
  Detail: Key (serial_number)=(xxxxxxxx) already exists.

It is the appliance ID of the this device that has is already present as a Management Center device.