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Changes requires in TDM after moving repository database to new server


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are moving gtrep database from one server to another server as part of SQLServer upgrade.  Can you please let us know which configuration files needs to be changed to point new database server? We are using below products at Hartford.


1. Datamaker

2. Datasubset

3. Portal

4. Agile Designer

5. Javalin

6. Fast Datamake





Release :


      When you move repository database from one server to other server, you need to change database hostname to new server hostname and if there are any changes in port number, you need to update port number as well.

    Please find below changes require in TDM components.

  • Datamaker:
  1.    If there is a rep.xml file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker or %appdata%/Grid-Tools folder, rename the file to rep_back.xml.
  2.    Open the GTDatamaker and modify the repository profile details 

    After changing the repository details, you can able to connect to new repository database from Datamaker.

  •  DataSubset
  1. Open the GTSubset.exe file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker and look for repository profile in the list. Change server name in that profile and save it.
  • TDM Portal
  1. Stop the TDM portal service.
  2. Open the file C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\ and replace old database server name with new server name in this file.
  3. Start the portal service and verify whether you are able to connect to repository by reviewing  the server.log file (C:\ProgramData\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\logs).
  • Agile Requirement Designer
  1.  Launch ARD studio and go to "Test Factory" -> "TDM Repository Connection" from main menu.
  2.  If you are using TDoD service url, change the service name to https://<TDM_portal_hostname>:8443/TDMService
  •  Javelin : No changes required.
  •   Fast Datamaker:  No changes required.