Option to restrict user delete roles
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Option to restrict user delete roles


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Is there any option to restrict users from deleting the chain/module but still allow users to create and edit the chain/module?



Release: All Applications Manger versions.


The Edit roles allow for editing and deleting, so one can't have one role without the other.
It is important to notice that one can set up a user to be able to create a Job or Process Flow,  This newly created Job or process Flow cannot be edited or deleted once it is saved.
For this reason, one should be sure that all parameters are correct before saving them.

Here is the workaround to this situation. The User needs to have two User Groups assigned to them.

1- "view only" User Group that can have up to all objects assigned to it

2- "Edit" user User Group that can have whatever objects the admin wants to give the user access to edit.
But if the admin does not want the user to be able to delete a Job or Process Flow, then the admin should not add Process Flow and Jobs User Authority Objects as well as any Jobs or Process Flow assigned to that user.