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Failure calling credentials service, can't logon after maintenance applied - 14.0 Web Viewer - CVDELOAD, CAHVAUTH


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Output Management Web Viewer


I downloaded and installed the new .war file for LU07837 (Web Viewer version 14.0.03 build 14.0.58 #ca060261) and ran into an issue.  My tomcat task comes up and the site is displayed, however I could not logon using working credentials.  I backed out to the previous version I had running (Build 14.0.51 #a27a0f02  2022-06-14 19:38:14) and have no issues. 

I've attached the syslog with some debugging turned on.


Release : 14.0


The messages in the logs indicate that while the web-viewer.war file is at version 14.0.03 build 14.0.58, the STEPLIB for the product started task is pointing at a CVDELOAD load library for an earlier version, and the mismatched version prevents the product from functioning.


Make sure the CAHVAUTH member (recently updated in PTF LU06974) is correct.