Notification Manager database migration to SQLite
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Notification Manager database migration to SQLite


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Are there any additional instructions/considerations for migrating to an NM SQLite database in 11.7.1 from SQL server 2017 database. 
Specifically, migrating servers running 11.6.x or 11.7.0 that have Notification Server enabled and use/share a 'remote NM database'. 
The remote NM database resides on a non-Automation Point Windows 2016 server running SQL Server 2017. 


Release : 11.7 SP1


When upgrading to Automation Point r11.7 SP1 and there is a connection configured to a local or remote NM database, the upgrade process will convert the local, or remote NM Database to a local SQLite database.
No actions need to be taken additionally, the upgrade process will take care of this.
Both the new and old Notification Manager gui will use the local SQLite database.. 

Additional Information

When upgrading the OLD NM website is still available, but also the new NM website... BOTH will use however the new SQLite NM database..

When a new install of AP 11.7 SP1, then the option of the old NM website will be unavailable.

To use the new NM Website, it's needed to activate it in the AP Configuration Manager, Expert Interface, Infrastructure, Web Services and add Notification to the enabled Web Services, see here:

This is then making use the of NodeJS, the REST API and not using the Apache Tomcat server anymore..
It is possible access the new NM gui without specifying the port in the url.. 
Or change the access to the NM gui port in the Advanced settings of the same window: