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Auth Connector showing connectivity errors to handful of IP addresses in GGBDO


Article ID: 253302


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Web Security Service - WSS


Auth connector servers reporting that they cannot connect to following IP addresses:

Firewall rules are in place to allow connections to these ranges.

Auth Connector errors only reported since end of October 2022.


Auth Connector


Disaster recovery testing in GGBLO/GGBDO triggered this.


Ignore connectivity warnings as they are cosmetic in nature.

Additional Information

With recent disaster recovery exercise in UK, GGBDO took a lot of user traffic it would not usually handle.

When DR testing completed, we brought GGBLO back to full capacity and shut down a number of pods in GGBDO 

No user traffic was sent to the shut down pods in GGBDO but Auth Connector still knows about them from recent activity, and hence the AC keeps trying to talk to pods that are down.

Althought they can be safely ignored, we are looking to clean up the stale connections faster.