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Collect Content Analysis System Cores on ASG


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Collect Content Analysis System Cores on ASG


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Having investigated further, we understand that pulling the already, naturally, generated Content Analysis system cores, from the ASG would be different from the way it's done with the standalone CAS. Kindly follow the guidance below to access the Content Analysis System cores on the ASG.

From the Proxy management console, navigate to Maintenance > Send Information > Content Analysis System Cores > Click on the "Select Content Analysis System cores to send". This will launch a different window, where you would find the CA System cores. Select and send to the ticket. Please see the snippets below, for further guidance.

Alternatively, please utilize the URL: https://<proxy_ip_address>:8082/CM/Core_image to access the ProxySG Appliance Core Image Statistics and, please, click on "Other Core Images" and do a search (CTRL + F) using "Content Analysis", to find the Content Analysis System Cores. See the snippets below, for further guidance. From my lab environment, expectedly, there isn't a Content Analysis System core that was generated but the subsequent snippets demonstrates the possibility to do keyword search.


Obtaining the already, naturally, generated cores for Content Analysis, from the reported PROD ASG appliance, is very important for the ongoing R&D investigation, for the reported issue. In the very unlikely event where there are no  Content Analysis System Cores, please shared the snippets for the evidence, from both methods shared, as we will need to present these evidences to R&D, for the possible next steps.