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Can the $JOBACCT if FAQS be combined with the with ICCF lib 59 (ICCF user written code)


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


FAQS/PCS is using its own $JOBACCT routine. Is it possible to combine a user written $JOBACCT with the version of FASQ ?



Release : 5.1.0


As long as the job accounting phase was loaded before FAQS/PCS that should work.

If they are after EOJ stats then that is done via FAQS/ASO. 

( See the FAQS/ASO Users Guide, Chapter 5 CA FAQS ASO Job Statistics by Step RDL=CREATE on page 149. An IPL will be required.)

Be sure FAQS/PCS (JCLXCU ENABLE) is started after the Job accounting phase is loaded, FAQS/PCS should be able to do it's processing