How to connect to a NAS drive on XCOM for Linux
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How to connect to a NAS drive on XCOM for Linux


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We are considering migrating XCOM from Windows platform to Linux and we have the following question:

1. Our file system is located on a NAS. What would be the best method for XCOM to transfer files from Linux that has a NAS drive?
A typical example on our Windows platform is:

xcomtcp -f "C:\Program Files\CA\XCOM"\CONFIG\PtoTXCOM.xml REMOTE_SYSTEM=ipaddr LOCAL_FILE=\\NAS\share\file REMOTE_FILE=\\NAS\share\file1 FILE_OPTION=REPLACE QUEUE=NO

Can we use CIFS or SMBFS to connect to the NAS drive from Linux?

2. How do we code the LOCAL_FILE and/or the REMOTE_FILE= when transferring from Linux?




Release : 12.0

XCOM for Linux


The NAS has to be mounted to the Linux system in order for the user logged on to Linux to get access to it. The NAS drive can be connected using SAMBA, CIFS, NFS. This is something you want to address with your Linux administrator.

With XCOM on Linux or Unix, it will use the credentials of the user logged on to the system when performing the SEND transfer, if the file is on a mounted NAS drive. You will need to code the LOCAL_FILE= as "LOCAL_FILE=/path/file". You cannot code the value for LOCAL_FILE= in a UNC format as done with XCOM for Windows.

If your transfer is sending a file to a NAS drive that is connected to a Windows server that has XCOM, then you can use the UNC format on the REMOTE_FILE= parameter. It will use the credentials specified on the USERID= and PASSWORD= parameters to logon to the file server and write to that NAS.