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Endpoint Protection for Mac client setup stuck trying to validate the system extension on macOS 13 Ventura


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Endpoint Protection


When running through the setup configuration for the SEP for Mac client on macOS 13 Ventura after working through the configuration a 'Validating...' circle spins for some time before it times out and fails.

The below error appears. When Retry is clicked, the Security & Privacy pane opens back up.


Endpoint Protection for Mac client 14.3 RU5 and newer.
MacOS 13 Ventura


This occurs when either Symantec Endpoint Protection has not been Allowed or the system extension is approved but Symantec Endpoint Protection has still not been 'Allowed'. This can also occur when both of these configurations have been missed.

The interface has changed in macOS 13 Ventura therefore one or both of the configuration needs may have been missed.


When clicking Retry, the configuration will load the Privacy & Settings pane to the section that needs additional configuration.

The first configuration requirement is to click Allow to approve the loading of 'Symantec Endpoint Protection'

The second required configuration is to toggle on the Symantec System Extension in the Full Disk Access section.

The configuration changes will require authentication using admin credentials.