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How do I update the Email setting in AAI's Insight Reporting Server after installation?


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Automic Automation Intelligence


During the installation of the Insight reporting server for AAI, you are required to enter some email settings, such as mail-host, mail-from, mail-password(if needed) like below:

terma-bi-installer.bat /d C:\BI_Installer /j /w postgres /t 8090 /mail-host /mail-from [email protected]


How can I update these email settings if a change occurs in my environment?



Release : 6.4.3


1. Stop Jaspersoft :

  • On Windows you can use the "Stop JRS" shortcut on your desktop or stop the two jasperserver* services in the Windows Service menu.
  • On Linux run "./ctlscript stop" from the reporting server installation directory.

2. Make a backup copy of the file in the \<Install Dir>\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF directory.


3. Open the file and you will fine the email settings can be found at the bottom of the file like below:
report.scheduler.mail.sender.from= [email protected]

Note: If the SMTP server does not require login credentials, these lines can be left blank like below:


4. Make the necessary changes in a text editor and save the file.


5. Start up the Insight services again.

  • On Windows you can use the "Start JRS" shortcut on the desktop or start the two jasperserver* services from Windows Services.
  • On Linux run "./ctlscript start" from the reporting server installation directory.


6. To verify the changes, log in to the AAI website, and go to the System Tools, report scheduling page, and schedule a report. Once you schedule the report you can click the "Run Now" button to force the report to be emailed right away.