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- NCM Policies' Security String is being overwritten


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CA Spectrum


We applied 21.2.12 in our production environment and began applying our NCM Policies to Device Families (DF) instead of the "All Devices" Collection.  We observed that we were able to change Security Strings as expected, but applying the policy to the DF immediately asserts the DFs Security String on the policy.  We also observed that the policy's security string seems to have reverted back to match the DF security string.


Release : 21.2


In 21.2.12 and above, you can now add security strings to policies and apply them to Device Families:

  • DX NetOps Spectrum
     now allows users to add a security string for the NCM policy while creating the policy. This ability gives more flexibility to the users. They can then view, modify, and delete the security string at the NCM policy level without affecting the associated Global Collection or Device Family security string. For more information, see the Create a Policy section.


In order to have the Policy Security String apply to the Device Family, set the UsePolicySecurityString to Yes.


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Defect DE549153