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Move Workflow Server from one Notification to another


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What are the steps to move a Workflow Server from one Notification Server to another?


Release: 8.6


Steps to move a Workflow Server from one Notification Server to another.

In this example, we will move the Workflow Server (mpres-wf1) from the Notification Server called mpres-ns3 to the Notification Server called mpres-ns1.

1. On the Workflow Server, open the Credentials Manager from the "Windows Start Menu".

You will see the following:

2. In the left panel, click on the "Symantec Management Platform" (in yellow above) and then click on the "Add" button (highlighted in orange above).

3. Complete the form with the information for the destination Notification Server (in this example - mpres-ns1).

    • In the "User Name" field, in yellow above, please enter the Altiris Service Account/APPID name) for the Destination Notification Server.
    • Then enter the password for that account in the "Password" field.
    • If you use HTTPS to open the ITMS Console, please click the HTTPS button.
    • Also, click the "Default SMP" button to make the destination Notification Server the default.

Click "OK". You will see the following pop-up:

Click "Yes" to confirm.

4. Highlight the Destination Notification Server and click the "Test" button to test the connection.

5. Click the "OK" button.

6. Restart the "Symantec Workflow Server" service on the Workflow Server.

7. Open an elevated Command Prompt on the Workflow server and type "iisreset" to restart IIS.

8. Move the Workflow Server to be managed by the destination Notification Server.

9. Open the ITMS Console on the destination Notification Server and go to Settings>All Settings>Notification Server>Resource and Data Class Settings>Resource Types>Workflow Types>Workflow Enterprise Management

10. Click on the "Workflow" tab (highlighted in yellow below) and then click on the "Register Server" button (highlighted in orange below)

You will see the following:

11. Enter the name of the destination Notification, in this example, it is mpres-ns1, and Click on "Search by Name". The destination Notification Server "Computer Name", "IP" address, and OS should appear. Click on the Workflow Server name (highlighted in blue above) and Click "Register".  You will see the following: