Auditing enabled by default for few attributes post upgrade to 16.0.3
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Auditing enabled by default for few attributes post upgrade to 16.0.3


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Auditing is enabled on objects automatically post upgrade from version 15.9.3 to 16.0.3. This is observed with custom OBS type attributes specifically.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. On a Clarity version - 15.9.3, Create two custom OBS and associate with project object
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Studio -> Objects -> Project -> Enable the two custom OBS attributes for auditing
  3. Associate few projects with the above created OBS type attributes
  4. Now disable the auditing on project object
  5. Upgrade Clarity to 16.0.3 version
  6. Navigate to Admin -> Studio -> Objects -> Project

Expected Results: Auditing should be disabled as prior to upgrade audit was disabled 

Actual Results: Auditing is enabled by default for the custom OBS attributes on project object



Release : 16.0.3


If the auditing for OBS type attributes is enabled and disabled before upgrade.


Engineering have reviewed the DE67238 and observed that the enabling of auditing is happening only when upgrading from (15.9.3 Patch 2) to Issue does not exists in the upgrade of 15.9.3 to 16.0.3 if there is no audit enablement for the attributes before upgrade.

This is not reproducible when the upgrade is done from 16.1.0 to latest release ( 16.1.0 to 16.1.1 latest). So you will not see this issue in your next upgrades. 


Remove the attributes from the audit  which was added with upgrade.