UT003008 in unload/reload
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UT003008 in unload/reload


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The unload part of an unload/reload is issuing the following message:

UT003008 Subschema contains areas in multiple page groups for UNLOAD. Various errors may occur.

The message is a warning only and the UNLOAD will end with RC=4.


Release : All supported releases.
Component. IDMS/DB


Message UT003008 is issued if the subschema contains at least one area that is:

  1. not involved in the unload/reload either as being unloaded or as a dependent area,
  2. not included in the segment being unloaded, and
  3. is included in at least one other segment that has a different page group than the segment being unloaded.

The issuing of this message was added by RO85839 (IDMS/5155) and RO94540 (IDMS/5329).

If an UNLOAD issues this warning, it is an indication that the reload may fail. However, if the reload does not fail, then the unload/reload execution can be trusted to have been successful and the resulting database is good.


To prevent the warning message from being issued, use a subschema that doesn't have any areas that are in different page groups in the DMCL as described above.