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Does the Management Center Virtual Appliance support resource upgrade ?


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Management Center - VA


By default, Management Center Virtual Appliance(MC-VA) resource decided by the below documents when it deployment.
This environment doesn't has many managed devices but need high volume size policy object and it object update are sometimes stopping by unexpectedly so I want to upgrade memory size from 8GB to 16GB or over.
MC-V10-10's default memory size is 8GB, is it not violate the license if I upgrade memory from 8GB to 16GB?


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The only licensing limitation MC-VA imposes is on number of attached devices. You are be able to increase RAM, CPU, HDD, and other hardware etc as desired.
And it not violate the license.

In case you ask later re increasing resource, suggest to 

  1. take backup 
  2. offload backup
  3. power off VMware(VM)
  4. increase resource
  5. power on VM. 

For the disk increase , increase the space of disk 2 (e.g. from 100 GB to 400 GB).   Adding a disk (e.g. disk 3) would not work.   Run storage command after MC VM boots up.