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Symantec Identity Manager - Explore and correlate of Okta REST API returning no results


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


Experiencing an issue performing E/C against the Okta REST API endpoint. No results are being returned.

Explore   :E027:----:S: External Explore (eTDYNAccountContainerName=Accounts) Requested by User etaadmin 
Explore   :E027:----:S:+- TenantNotSet
Explore   :E027:----:P:     Class Name: Account Container
Explore   :E027:----:P:     base-dn: eTDYNAccountContainerName=Accounts,eTDYNDirectoryName=OKTA_Endpoint,eTNa
Explore   :E027:----:P:+    mespaceName=Okta_POC,dc=im
Explore   :E027:----:P:     scope  : SUBTREE
Explore   :E027:----:P:     filter : (|(eTUseOperationID=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx)(objectClas
Explore   :E027:----:P:+    s=*))
Explore   :E027:----:P:     attrs  : eTID, eTExploreUpdateEtrust, eTOperationDetail, objectClass, eTSubcl
Explore   :E027:----:P:+    ass
Explore   :E027:----:F: SUCCESS: External Explore (eTDYNAccountContainerName=Accounts), entry-count: 0
Explore   :E027:----:F:     msg: :ETA_S_0023<EXX>, Account Container 'Accounts' exploration successful: (
Explore   :E027:----:F:+objects added: 0, deleted: 0, updated: 0, unchanged: 1, failures: 0)


Release : 14.4CP2


After reviewing the customer okta configuration, it is missing response configuration for User resource.

Please select the "Response Type" as "JSON Array" under API Configuration -> Overriding Request and Response Configuration -> Response Configuration option for User resource as shown in the following image. Save changes and then deploy.