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GSS scheduled jobs are not executing in WinPE Automation Boot


Article ID: 253158


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Ghost Solution Suite


Job are not executing against computers that are in the console


Release : 3.3


The computer listed in the console has a serial tag and is listed and can run a job. The second time the system is booted to automation the system cannot run jobs from the console. The icon in the console does not have a yellow triangle as it did the first time it came into the console


Working as designed. For computers that do not have an agent installed when they get into the console and come in as a predefined computer after getting into automation. If the clients are rebooted the systems will go through another reboot process instead of acting on the imaging job that is assigned. In the console the system will be listed by serial tag and the icon will have a yellow triangle. Remove the system from the console to get the system to act on an assigned job.