Clarity PPM - Disaster Recovery Test Steps Recommendations
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Clarity PPM - Disaster Recovery Test Steps Recommendations


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We are planning to test our Disaster Recovery Plan and we want to know the recommended steps to activate the environment


Release : Any Supported Environments


Disaster Recovery Test

  1. Stop all services on source environment to simulate environment being down
  2. Restore the most recent database backup as a new database schema
  3. Restore the new Application environment as a new VM/server or deploy the Zipped Clarity directory to a new VM/server
  4. Ensure the environmental variables are set correctly for JAVA_HOME/NIKU_HOME/PATH on the new server
  5. Open the properties.xml:
    • Ensure the installDir, java home and home (for Tomcat) is set to the right paths 
    • Check the hostnames / IPs to ensure they are correct for entryUrl sslEntryUrl schedulerUrl bindAddress
    • Ensure the database URL and connection details are updated
  6. Make sure the ports used are open on this server and firewall is not blocking them
  7. Save and add the services with commands
    service add app bg nsa beacon
    service deploy start all
  8. Now access the Clarity application and CSA directly and ensure they work
  9. Add the server to the LB instead of previous server, ensure you are able to access
  10. If Jaspersoft is being used - run the commands to update with the correct database parameters:
    admin update jasperParameters
    admin jaspersoft syncPPMContext -userName superuser -password superuser