GENUSR01 No pool descriptions defined with R14.1 upgraded
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GENUSR01 No pool descriptions defined with R14.1 upgraded


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



Implemented R14.1 vantage upgrade and the following messages  are displayed:

GENUSR01 No pools being excluded (mbr name does not exist in POOLDEFs)
GENUSR01 No pool descriptions defined                                 



Release : 14.1


Both messages are internal informational messages  that can be ignored because they mean that Vantage didn't find the POOLDEFn member and therefore that Vantage didn't find a user provided descriptions for the "user" storage groups (these descriptions are stored in the POOLDEFn) member.

These messages have nothing to do with migrating Vantage from 14.0 to 14.1. These message should appear in 14.0 of Vantage too.

If POOLDEF0 contains unsupported syntax, and this member serves for storing definitions for "User Defined Storage Groups", the User Defined Storage Groups are the storage groups are just a logical definitions which helps  to manage the storage environment more flexibly.

For example, if in workshop exist:

two real storage groups (defined in SMS-ISMF) named PRODA and PRODB and there are corresponding volumes in them, PRODA storage groups contains volumes labeled VOLA* (VOLA01-VALA99) and storage group PRODB contains VOLB*(VOLB01 - VOLB99).

In Vantage you can create a user storage group named PRODAB and by filter criteria you specify that this storage group will contain >>x shows logically grouped data from volumes VOLA01,VOLA02 and Volumes VOLB98 and VOLB99 and you can give it up to three descriptions -> this is just an example.

Once defined, you will see these storage groups in (POOLS) Storage Groups object located under Storage Groups (Space and Other Attributes) in Vantage object tree and they will have value "USR" in the Type column in the POOLS object.

If in the POOLDEF0 has an unsupported syntax and this syntax was used for Vantage 3.2 it means that this member was not properly migrated to new syntax decades ago (Vantage 3.2 - Vantage 6.0,6.2,11,1.5,12.0,12.6,14.0 etc) and you need to create new definitions or recreate the existing ones using the correct syntax .