Financials: Cost totals not updating when grouped
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Financials: Cost totals not updating when grouped


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When the project list is grouped by any column, the sum of the field Budget Capital Cost is incorrect.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new cost plan for a project with 'grouping attribute' 'cost type'
  2. Select 'Capital' as Cost type and enter some values for the selected periods
  3. Set the record as 'Plan of record'
  4. Submit it for approval
  5. Approve the budget
  6. Run the job 'Update Financial Plan Actuals and Forecast'
  7. Go to Modern UX – Projects (Display: Grid)
  8. Group the list by any column (e.g.: Manager)
  9. Add the fields 'Budget Capital Cost' and 'Budget Cost' as 'Per-Period Metrics'

Expected result: The sum is shown correctly in the column Budget Capital Cost

Actual result: The sum is 0 for any period


Release : 16.0.3




This issue has been fixed in Clarity 16.1.1.

Additional Information

Note this not only happens on Budgets, but on Cost Plans when using the same grouping.

In addition, if you edit a row on the cost plan when grouped you will see the Refresh message and button.

When you click Refresh it will update the totals only for the periods you actually updated.  Other periods will not update if they were not edited.