A large baseline may disappear during creation
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A large baseline may disappear during creation


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While a user creates a new baseline in the Modern UX grid view, after filling all the required details, the baseline starts to be created.

Depending on the investment size, the baseline may take some time to be created (for very big investments, even minutes).

The user does not have real feedback that the baseline is being created and if the grid is altered (such as clicking on a column to filter differently), the baseline with the yellow background will disappear, even if it is still being created. The baseline will only appear in the grid once it has been fully created. During this time, the user may be confused and start creating a new one.

In the Classic UX, there is a Save button and Clarity will not load the next page until the baseline creation is complete.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In the Modern UX, open a very large project.
  2. Go to the Baselines module.
  3. In the grid view, create a new baseline and enter at least the mandatory attributes.
  4. While the baseline is being created, click on any column title to re-order the grid.

Expected Results: There is visual feedback that the baseline is being created in the background. The baseline stays in the grid while reordering.

Actual Results: The user does not know that the baseline creation has started. The baseline will disappear after reordering, and will reappear after refreshing the grid when it has been fully created.


Release : 16.0.3




This is being reviewed as future work as it requires design changes in the product.