Gen COM Proxy web application dependency on Edge "IE mode"
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Gen COM Proxy web application dependency on Edge "IE mode"


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Our standard browser is Microsoft Edge.
IE mode in Microsoft Edge has been necessary since Internet Explorer (IE) 11 was retired in June 2022, to access legacy websites and applications which have a dependency on IE.
Going forward our security team has now advised that for any specific internal web site/application a request will need to be made to enable IE mode.
We have built web sites/applications in IIS manager which use Gen 8.6 COM Proxies for running transactions from the browser.
Can you please confirm if these COM proxy web applications have a dependency on Internet Explorer or Edge IE mode?


Release : 8.6


1. There is a supported "Browsers" section for Gen generated web client applications under Gen™ 8.6 > Technical Requirements > Third-Party Software Version page.

2. However a generated COM Proxy is just comprised of the 2 dlls <SERVER>AX.DLL and <SERVER>CM.DLL, so the proxy itself is not actually a Gen generated web client application.
The sample ASP application that is generated as part of the COM Proxy generation and which uses the proxy should itself not be dependant on Internet Explorer or require Edge "IE Mode". However if in the design of any COM Proxy web applications additional features have been implemented that require "IE mode" then that would be something that needs to be considered.